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You are Red, a hard studying Stick Figure. But one day, the bullies had enough of your smartness and throw you into a puddle with blue paint. Filled with emotions you struck back and surprisingly succeeded. When the bullies realized you got superpowers from the paint, they fled like cowards... but bullies are bullies, so they called their gang and now it's up to you to deal with the issue.

The game was made for the Unreal Engine 4 Summer Jam! <3

Controls (Gamepad / Keyboard)

Move: Left Thumbstick / WASD

Sprint: Left Trigger / Right Mouse Button

Dash: Right Trigger / Left Mouse Button

Charge Jump: Hold Face Button Down (or A on XBox Controller) / Middle Mouse Button

Jump: Release said key or if you don't, it triggers automatically

Select: Toggle Controller Feedback

Published Jul 05, 2017
TagsArcade, force, stick-figure, Superhero, supernatural

Install instructions

This game requires Windows.

1) Download

2) Unzip

3) Open "SuperStickFigure", then "StickMan.exe".

4) Enjoy! <3


SuperStickFigure.zip 83 MB

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